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Engage with your data anywhere

The way you access, visually interact with and share your data depends on what will work best for your business. That could be through your desktop, a mobile app, a game engine or a full VR, AR or MR experience.  Its all about getting the right Data to the Right Place in the right way.

We can create new interaction methods, or customise one of our range of existing solutions allowing your team to access and interact with critical data, wherever they are.

All of these solutions work by integrating with your operations, product and management data to give you a visual hub for your business. The solutions can also be tailored to interact live with your current business management systems, such as ERP and EAM.

This gives you a central visual console that can be integrated into the daily operations and management of your business, improving collaboration, decision-making and efficiency.

Visually interact with all your business data in one place – talk to Nextspace today.


Vanadium Browser

Vanadium Browser is an accelerator that delivers web-based 3D solutions. It provides an integrated view of operations, product, and management information.

The browser allows the user to navigate large and complex 3D data sets. This can also be integrated live to your ERP and EAM systems, creating a visual operations console for your business.

Data sources supported are the same as for Extractors and Adapters, and existing features include SAP and IBM Maximo integration.

6D Asset Information Portal

The Nextspace 6D Asset Information Portal allows your team to intuitively navigate 3D models of your enterprise’s assets.  

The three-dimensional model is natural and intuitive to use, so even nontechnical people can navigate complex spatial arrangements such as plant and utility networks. This navigation portal can also be integrated with live updates of asset information, analytics, and plant control systems. This provides a rich environment for discovery, review, and planning.

The Asset Information Portal is a ’6D’ solution for your enterprise. 3D models can be enriched with an additional three dimensions of information: time, cost and lifecycle.  

SAP Visual Enterprise Author

SAP Visual Enterprise Author transforms existing 3D models from many systems into ultra-lightweight files. These can be published in a wide variety of formats to create, integrate, and manage 3D models. These files can also be visualised and rendered to photo-realistic quality.


We design and build a range of mobility solutions so you and your team can take your system out into the field. Technologies used may vary according to your unique requirements, but the value and benefits are the same – a more efficient, better-informed mobile workforce. 

SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer

View and interact with authored and published content. Lightweight, powerful, and easy to use, SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer is also free of charge.

SAP Visual Enterprise Plugins / Enhancements / Adapters

Our ADAPTER suite of accelerators allows the extension of SAP Visual Enterprise to view data sets that are not supported by the standard product. 

Adapters allow your business systems to be easily integrated into your visual solution, so you interact and interpret data from across your enterprise.

Depending on your requirements, we can design and deliver new adapters, feature enhancement, and optimisation for SAP Visual Enterprise.

We make SAP Visual Enterprise bigger, faster, and stronger through optimisation such as enhanced tessellation and XML parsing.


The ultimate tool for video game development and architectural visualisations, interactive Unity®Pro is everything you need to create 2D and 3D interactive content. We use Unity®Pro as part of our solution-building and deployment toolkit.


iLusion & iField

iLusion is a desktop application for project designers in the utilities area. It is used to maintain, inspect, repair, and order services.

Similarly, iField allows property designers in the utilities area to maintain, inspect, repair, and order services while they’re out in the field. 

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