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Visual solutions tailored to your industry

Our range of industry-aligned solutions and products are designed to give a complete end-to-end offering – examples include Visual Water, Visual City and Visual Plant.

We also act as a reseller for SAP Visual Enterprise, ENOVIA and EXALEAD products from Dassault Systèmes and Noumenon’s standards-based interoperability engine, XMpLant.

For more information on these products solutions, please read on. 


Visual City – Bringing cities to life

Visual City allows you to ‘mirror’ your real-world city in a digital framework. This enables you to model outcomes, predict the future, and base decisions on accurate, comprehensive data.

It is a continually evolving 3D interactive model of a city and its systems, data, and policies. 

Visual City integrates data from a wide range of sources to present a single view of your city that includes multiple layers of information. This is then displayed through our powerful 3D interactive interface as part of an information-rich dashboard.

Designed to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs, it can help visualise future projects, model outcomes, and help local governments communicate with their constituents more clearly. 

Unlock siloed information for consistent, accurate, and timely decisions at multiple levels of your organisation. 

Visual Water – the collaborative, visual way to manage water utilities

Water Utilities face growing demand from people, business, and environment, which means timely, evidence-based decision-making is more important than ever. It’s the key to ensuring that service levels are reliable, secure, and efficient.

Visual Water’s suite of tools consolidates data from multiple sources and presents it to you in a 3D collaborative workspace. This means managers and teams can work together to proactively track large water networks, plan maintenance, accommodate change, and make future investments.

The powerful, mobile 3D visualisation means workers can update asset information while they’re onsite. This will add to your ability to model the performance of your assets and readily plan upgrades.

Visual Water also makes your operations management more cost effective, from maintenance and monitoring to documentation and learning. Customer satisfaction will improve too – staff will have more information to share with property owners, so they can resolve issues on the first visit.

Visual Utility – Accessible data to get more from your Utility

With its mounting challenges, the success of the Utilities industry lies in meaningful, accessible data at every level of an organisation.

This data often exists in silos, with no common view to aid efficient navigation.

The Nextspace Visual Utilities solution turns data from all areas of your business into meaningful information. Its intuitive navigation creates a single command-and-control view for the entire lifecycle of your plant and equipment.

You’ll have easy access to what can be an overwhelming volume of 3D models, documents, drawings, databases, and other data. These are centralised in a single, model-centric, visual version of the truth, allowing for collaboration between business areas and partners, improved efficiency, and more informed, faster decisions.

With the data visualised and presented in an operational and executive dashboard, business decisions can be made using information-rich, integrated 3D plant drawings. 

Dassault Enovia – intuitive user interface

An intuitive user interface, ENOVIA from Dassault Systèmes is designed to streamline access to critical information and enable more informed decision-making.

The power of ENOVIA lies in its capability to deploy and enforce business processes, workflows, and deliverables throughout your enterprise – whether it’s managing a product portfolio, a program, a costing scenario, or a design-to-production cycle.

ENOVIA works by wrapping your timely, comprehensive business data around 3D models. This creates a single point of truth that is easy to navigate and understand, by multiple teams, from anywhere on globe through standard web browsers. The ENOVIA suite of solutions covers a large range of business processes, from project and program management to system engineering, product development, and regulatory compliance.

Dassault Exalead – Faster information, more informed decisions

EXALEAD CloudViewTM gives you a single, secure point of access to critical business information from across your enterprise – whether you require operational data, a comprehensive view of your assets, or insight into customer behaviour.

Flexible, scalable, and affordable, these tools use indexing and semantic technologies to break down data silos. CloudView then automatically creates a single, structured resource, for more informed, faster decision-making, and streamlined collaboration, innovation, and compliance.

This information can also be coupled with real-time operational and market intelligence to give you automatic analytics from every angle. The simple, web-style search system gives you a 360° view of business entities wherever you are in the world – with no training.

These tools also allow for a sharper understanding of customer needs and behaviour. A CloudView 360° Customer Vision Search Based Application aggregates individual customer data. This allows more agile customer segmentation and analysis, and a more competitive advantage.

Search Based Application (SBA)

Today many enterprise organisations collect ever-increasing volumes of data. As new technologies emerge, this is combined with a decrease in their common data structure.

Traditional solutions force enterprise information into tightly controlled data environments, which are not always a good fit.

In partnership with Dassault Systemes, we’ve developed Search Based Applications to enhance your visual solutions. Based on the EXALEAD CloudView platform, they allow you to quickly and intuitively search, explore, and analyse large volumes of unstructured data.

Within enterprises and online, over 110 million people around the world rely on Dassault Sytemes EXALEAD CloudView SBA.

Similarly, EXALEAD OnePart helps designers and engineers search for reusable parts, helping them avoid the time and expense of creating new ones. Based on EXALEAD CloudView proven technology, users can explore legacy parts and related 2D/3D designs, with just a few clicks. This gives them immediate insight into vast amounts of previously hidden data.

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