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Nextspace Connection Adapters – fine tuning your data

Once your data has been gathered, it needs to be connected and made relevant.

Nextspace provide tools and services to connect your data ranging from fully automated to manual solutions and data entry where required.

Data can be linked to a variety of visual presentation solutions such as SA Visual Enterprise, Unity, Unreal, Cesium 3D, Google Earth and more for desktop, mobile and full Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions.

This allows you to access and interact with all your data according to your exact requirements, regardless of its original source.

Nextspace Adapters mean you get the robustness of existing ‘out-of-the-box’ data collection and connection solutions that can be customised to your particular needs – talk to Nextspace today.  


SAP Visual Enterprise Generator

SAP Visual Enterprise Generator allows you to automate the translation of CAD and engineering system data into a lightweight 3D format. These can then be used to support specific work processes in engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance.

Nontechnical users can then search, access, manipulate, and integrate complex graphical data into any business or office application across your organisation. You’ll see increases in business speed, productivity, and quality.

Nextspace Tessellation Library

Developed by Nextspace, the Tessellation Library deals with both simple and complex tessellation, beyond that delivered from primitives. It’s been designed to work with a range of solid object modelling tools, such as SAP’s Visual Enterprise.

It takes parametric geometry and produces triangulated geometry (e.g. – cone, block, prism, torus, sphere, cylinder, along with extrusions and revolutions). This enables fast, accurate, and efficient visualisation of real world objects, and streamlines the development of your solution. 

Nextspace XML Parser

The Nextspace XML Parser is designed to optimise the performance of existing visualisation tools, such as SAP Visual Enterprise Author.

The Parser makes these visualisation tools bigger, faster, and stronger, so their handling of larger 3D models is quicker and more agile. This makes them more useful to the end user - they can work with a faster, more intuitive interface, and a more comprehensive data set.  

SAP VEG Workflow Controller Customisations

Nextspace uses the Visual Enterprise Workflow Controller to develop custom data processing workflows.

This allows us to tailor processing behaviour to business logic that is specific to each client’s industry and needs. 

Nextspace Evidential Clearing House

The Evidential Clearing House (ECH) is part of our Visual City solution.

A deployment accelerator, the ECH captures, cleanses, amalgamates, and presents big spatial and transactional data sets.

The ECH conforms to an extended form of the open CityGML standard and is powered by SAP Visual Enterprise Generator.

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