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Solutions and Products

Nextspace has extensive experience in complex database 3D formats used across GIS, BIM and Plant and Process industries. We have created a significant range of products and accelerators (or pre-fabricated components) that speed up your project delivery, reduce risk and improve time-to-business value.

Collect Collect

Nextspace Extractors – data from across your organisation

The data you need to make careful decisions about your business already exists – our suite of Plug-ins connectors make it possible to efficiently access and interpret it. 

The tools collect and transfer large amounts of data from disparate sources. They then add intelligence in the form of metadata to make sure it’s as useful to you as possible. 

For engineering design systems for ships and offshore platforms, we use open, industry-standard ISO 15926 model definition for data exchange. The Extractors are compatible with design systems, such as Intergraph SmartPlant 3D, SmartPlant P&ID, PDS and Aveva PDMS. 

We also share Building Information Models between different software products via the IFC ISO 16739 model definition standard. 

For GIS and related solutions we draw from a range of custom Safesoft FME workbenches to collect relational and spatial information from multiple sources. 

Find out more about collecting data about your assets and infrastructure with Nextspace.

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Manage Manage

Nextspace Connection Adapters – fine tuning your data

Once your data has been gathered, it needs to be connected and made relevant.

Nextspace provide tools and services to connect your data ranging from fully automated to manual solutions and data entry where required.

Data can be linked to a variety of visual presentation solutions such as SA Visual Enterprise, Unity, Unreal, Cesium 3D, Google Earth and more for desktop, mobile and full Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality solutions.

This allows you to access and interact with all your data according to your exact requirements, regardless of its original source.

Nextspace Adapters mean you get the robustness of existing ‘out-of-the-box’ data collection and connection solutions that can be customised to your particular needs – talk to Nextspace today.  

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Interact Interact

Engage with your data anywhere

The way you access, visually interact with and share your data depends on what will work best for your business. That could be through your desktop, a mobile app, a game engine or a full VR, AR or MR experience.  Its all about getting the right Data to the Right Place in the right way.

We can create new interaction methods, or customise one of our range of existing solutions allowing your team to access and interact with critical data, wherever they are.

All of these solutions work by integrating with your operations, product and management data to give you a visual hub for your business. The solutions can also be tailored to interact live with your current business management systems, such as ERP and EAM.

This gives you a central visual console that can be integrated into the daily operations and management of your business, improving collaboration, decision-making and efficiency.

Visually interact with all your business data in one place – talk to Nextspace today.

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XMpLant XMpLant

Unlock the information in your architectural and engineering design systems to create data value and compliance for your entire organization

The data you need to make careful decisions about your business already exists – our suite of data extractors for plant and process and marine industries is powered by our XMpLant product suite to make it possible to efficiently access and interpret all your CAD data and information and create a fully compliant ISO 15926 or IFC data repository

XMpLant is a data interchange tool with interfaces to the major process plant design systems.

XMpLant provides access to full and intelligent process plant information in an open, neutral form (ISO 15926). It supports the full structure, attributes, and geometry of schematics
and 3D models.

XMpLant provides an interoperability mechanism between the major process plant systems (SmartPlant 3D, PDS, and P&ID; Bentley Autoplant, AVEVA PDMS) and many more.

XMpLant converts unstructured and ‘dumb’ data into intelligent asset information that may be managed for value through the design, build and operate lifecycle. XMpLant also facilitates data conversion between standards such as ISO 15926 and Building Information Models via the IFC ISO 16739 standard.

XMpLant is recognized as a leader in standards based interoperability and has been adopted by the major vendors of process plant design systems and the XMpLant Schemas have been published by Fiatech and PCA (The POSC Caesar Association) as defining Dictionary compliance.

POSC Caesar Association (PCA) is a non-profit global-standardisation member organisation that shall promote the development of open specifications to be used as standards for enabling the interoperability of data, software and related matters.

Fiatech is an international community of passionate stakeholders working together to lead global development and adoption of innovative practices and technologies to realize the highest business value throughout the life cycle of capital assets.

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